Care to Join Us?

The Renaissance of Reuse

Reuse Alliance is building a community of like-minded individuals and organizations that is revolutionizing the way we look at waste.  We have established US-based Chapters in Arizona, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Texas. We also offer a range of projects and services, including our work advocating for the reuse community and our campaign to have October 20th recognized as National Reuse Day – a day to celebrate reuse as a central tenet of sustainability.

There are Treasures in our Waste Stream

Reuse is about extracting the highest value possible from used items – preserving and even enhancing the integrity of materials through imagination, creativity and intelligence. From designers breathing new life into vintage fabrics, to developers working on downtown revitalization, there is an increasing recognition of reuse—not just as a concept, but as a movement. Reuse Alliance seeks to foster this awareness through outreach and promotion of reuse to the general public, and through networking, education and support for our members.

It’s an Old Idea …

Reuse was just common sense to previous generations. If you could reuse your soda bottles, why wouldn’t you? If you could repair your washing machine, why would you buy new? But somewhere along the line we lost sight of the massive environmental, social and economic benefits of reuse.

… that’s making a Welcome Return.

But as resources get scarcer, and as demand for consumer goods continues to grow – something has to give. And that something is the concept of waste. Across the globe, leaders in almost every industry are finding new and innovative ways to do more with less. And central to that mission is the idea of reuse. Traditional recycling can only take us so far. It keeps resources out of landfill, but it relies on high inputs of energy, and it results in a steady degradation of materials in what William McDonough calls ‘downcycling’. Reuse is the opposite.